Whittier Fire

In 2017 it took the Whittier Fire only 45 minutes to devastate the Camp Rancho Alegre camp that has been at the heart of the Santa Barbara Community for over 50 years.  47 of the camps 50 buildings were burned to the ground. Located on the San Marcos Pass, this regional California camp has served over 10,000 boys and girls each year.  In addition to hosting Scout Camps, church retreats and community gatherings, Rancho Alegre is also the site of a very special program called The Outdoor School.

The six large buildings you see under construction is the heart of the campus of the renowned Outdoor School. The Outdoor School is a unique overnight environmental education program and is the driving factor behind the urgent need to rebuild the camp. The school is a unique learning environment, for public school fifth and sixth graders to explore their world beyond classroom walls.  These students are immersed in hands-on outdoor activities, exploring nature, learning skills, and forging friendships that last a lifetime.

As you can see, this is an extensive building project for children and youth throughout the western United States. This new mini city requires an updated water system, extensive underground utilities, a new environmentally friendly sewer system, solar field, fire safe buildings and new emergency service roads. The cost is estimated at $18 million to rebuild. To date $12 million has been acquired.

We are now reaching out to those who are passionate about children and youth, care about the environment and education and would want to know more on how to ensure children will again be able to attend this beloved camp to experience the outdoors. To learn more about this project and become involved or if you would like a safe social distancing tour of the construction site, please go to Camp Rancho Alegre website at CampRanchoAlegre.com. A life changing investment is possible at Camp Rancho Alegre that will last for generations to come!