To our Friends of Camp Rancho Alegre and the Outdoor School:

Recent events in our community have had a direct effect on our ability to build the new campus at Rancho Alegre. Our intent was to offer Outdoor School Sessions in the fall of 2020. The pandemic has caused a slowdown in our construction efforts. Additionally, many schools will not be offering classes and have halted all field trips for fall 2020. Our new objective is to be operating the ODS in the fall of 2021.

While the pandemic has slowed down construction at Rancho Alegre we have accomplished much. We are nearing the completion of a new modern water system and have installed new pipelines throughout camp with a state of the art sewer system. Fire protection has been of paramount importance to us with new fire protection systems being established. Power has been reestablished in camp. Our new dorms are 70% complete and first three staff houses are nearing completion. We will continue all construction to the best of our ability to be ready for the fall 2021 opening.

For our scouting community we are planning to start programming scout activities for the summer of 2021. Keep an eye out in the future for some fun outdoor activities.

We look forward to hosting boys and girls in a new modern facility for the purpose of introducing them to the joy and beauty of the nature that is in Santa Barbara County. Please consider being a partner with us by giving a financial gift. You can make a donation at the Rancho Alegre Restoration Fund.


Glen B. Goddard Facilities/Program Director