Building Progress at Camp Rancho Alegre

Read the July Update on Camp Ranch Alegre and the Outdoor School

masterplanPrior to the devasting 2017 Whittier Fire, Camp Rancho Alegre had served over 10,000 boys and girls and their families annually for fifty years. In addition to hosting Scout Camps, church retreats and community gatherings, Camp Rancho Alegre is also the site of The Outdoor School providing fifth and sixth grade public school children with unique outdoor learning experiences including hands-on environmental educational activities, hiking and exploring nature, opening doors to self-discovery, learning new life skills and forging friendships that last a lifetime. Camp Rancho Alegre is a regional camp and is located near Lake Cachuma serving primarily Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties schools and families. In 2017 the Whittier Fire destroyed 215 acres of our forested camp including 47 of the camps 50 structures. Building costs have risen to $18 million of which $12 million have been secured.

As of June 2020, three residential cabins are nearly rebuilt (see site map). Four dorm-lodges are up, and interior work has begun. Five additional cabins are ready to be assembled. A very complex and crucial water systems is under construction. Underground utilities and environmentally friendly sewer system have been installed. An aerial video of this astounding project can be viewed online at

My wish for you would be to become acquainted with this immense and important undertaking and explore if partnering with the Phoenix Capital Committee to rebuild Camp Rancho Alegre would be of interest to you and your family.

Our Phoenix Capital Campaign to rebuild Camp Rancho Alegre could not happen without local support from concerned families, community leaders and businesses. It would be my honor to meet with you or to give you a tour of the property to witness the scale of the rebuild of Camp Rancho Alegre and its school. A safe social distancing tour can be scheduled at your convenience. Please let me know how I may further inform you of this essential project and to explore its benefits for you and your family.

Contact information for additional information and tours please ciontact;

Kenneth D. Miles
Development Director
Los Padres Council